Journal [noun] a periodical dedicated to a particular subject

Yoga [noun] from Sanskrit “yug” meaning to join or bring together. A discipline involving body, mind & consciousness for a balanced state of spiritual insight, physical & mental health, well being and tranquillity; a healing system of theory and practice through a combination of breathing techniques, physical practices, meditation skills and lifestyle adjustments.

Ontogenetic [adjective] pertaining to ongoing development of the individual.

Therapeutic [adjective] to cure or restore to health; a restorative technique; having or exhibiting healing power: a therapeutic agent or process, a healing regimen.

Investigation [noun] the work of inquiring into something thoroughly and systematically.



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Volume 01 Issue 01, September 2007

Volume 02 Issue 01 September 2010


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The SRI Research Publication Prize (5 x $200 per issue) + $1,000 Grand Prize


Please go to and let us know which of the articles in the latest SRI JYOTI you consider is the best and why it is worthy of one of the five SRI Research Publication Prizes of $200 each. We collect the votes and will make a final decision on which authors will be awarded the prizes based on the amount and quality of the various feedback received.


From the next issue, SRI will be offering FIVE SRI Research Publication Prizes of $200 in each issue and a Grand Prize of $1,000 for the best article published each year. Prize winners will be announced in each subsequent issue. You could be eligible for either or both of these great prizes, so get your yoga research done and get it in for publication in the next issue of the SRI JYOTI.


Publish your articles and research papers
in the SRI JYOTI

The SRI JYOTI is seeking scholarly articles on Clinical Yoga and yoga research with therapeutic applications for publication and aims to make available research on yoga online and in print as Free Access journal articles for the general public as a yoga research service.  The SRI JYOTI is a peer reviewed journal, so please contact the editor for pre approval before we send your article for peer review and possible revision before publication.

Articles must be properly referenced in either the
Harvard or APA “name and date” in-text referencing styles. No guarantee is given regarding publication by SRI at any time. All submissions are subject to peer review and may also be edited for space and/or be returned for amendment prior to acceptance. We use the Arial Narrow Font in 10 point size with a 6-point space after each paragraph, please make sure you have your text formatted correctly, especially with respect to the in-text name and date referencing system.


Authors retain copyright on their work however by submitting their work to SRI for publication, authors are agreeing to allow SRI to publish their article/s in perpetuity in print and or in online form and forgo any claim for royalties or any monetary claim.


You must include a separate written statement of authorship and copyright (from the responsible (lead) author) as well as a brief synopsis of the work in abstract form. Articles must be submitted in  MS Word format to a maximum of 3000 words (excluding references) with any imbedded images also sent as .jpg attachments. Issues of authorship and plagiarism are your responsibility, we take all due care but cannot be held liable for any problems with plagiarized content.

We need a team peer reviewers with yogic, medical and/or scholarly research experience. Please send an email with a short bio to the editor if you are interested in helping out

e have an interactive “Letters to the Editor” section,
please email your letters, questions, comments, feedback etc to  


For Authors
Download the SRI JYOTI Guide for Authors (.doc)

Download the SRI JYOTI Permission to Publish form (.doc)
to be filled out completely and included with your article submission by email.